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Pop up paper
Pop-up Paper

Make a pop-up paper, a folded paper that unfolds when you open it!
Great for maps etcetera that should fit in a pocket.
An ordinary paper is porfect for this project.
Fold it like when you close a book.
Now make two downward folds, like an X.
Fold one corner like in the picture. This is the trickiest part of the project.

I managed to do this by just starting with one of the ridges. Fold from the edge of the paper to the diagonal X-ridge. Then make the other perpendicular fold the same way. Finish that corner by folding the outer part of the X-fold the other way.

Notice that the X-fold made earlier has to be folded upwards in the corner of the paper.
The other three corners should be treated the same way.
dotted line = ridge

dashed line = furrow
Turn the paper upside down.
Fold it like a book one last time. When opened, the whole paper unfolds.

A thicker paper can be glued to the back for added stability.
© Jens Almström 2006