Film can cannon
Pop up paper


The film can cannon is a simple project that can be made with things that you have laying around. I used to make them when I was a kid.

The cannon only takes a few minutes to put together. When finished, you have a small hand held cannon that can fire peas, marbles and other small, round objects.
three film can cannons
Film can, rubber band, balloon, cutter What you need

1An empty film can

2A rubber band (not necessary)

3A balloon

4A cutter
How to make it

Cut the bottom off the film can so that it is open in both ends.

Make sure that you make a nice cut. The edge of the can shouldn't be sharp and pointy. You might want to use a sand paper to make the edge smooth, but it is not necessary.
Slip the balloon over the end of the film can that you just cut off.

This is the tricky part of the project.
Inch the balloon all the way over the can.
Pull the balloon through the film can.
Depending on how narrow the balloon is, you might need to put one or a few rubber bands around it to prevent it from slipping off when you fire the cannon.
Using the cannon

Put the ammo in the balloon, pull back and fire!
Put the lid back on when you're finished. You can even store some ammo in the can.

© Jens Almström